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This paper will apply Bruce Wayne Tuckman’s development model of group dynamics to the film “Remember the Titans”. Each of the four stages of development as defined by Tuckman will be clearly marked with a start time and a finish time (1965). Within each stage of development the team will also be rated using Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model II (SLMII). The team will be give a developmental level based to the team’s follower readiness. Lastly both coaches style of coaching will also be rated on the SLMII.


The first stage of Tuckman’s model in the film occurs when the black athletes are in the gymnasium ready to meet Coach Herman Boone (11:00). In this interaction the athletes have come together for the
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In the scene when Louie Lastik sits at the all black table he shows that it is possible for the two people from different races to become friends (22:40). However, the rejection of Coach Yoast’s offensive plays (23:25) and the fight between Bertier and Campbell shows that most of the team is not ready to commit to becoming a team.

Coach Boone’s leadership in this stage is still S1. When coach Boone tells the team, “We will be perfect in every aspect of the game” he is not giving them a choice he is dictating how they will practice and perform (20:15). Coach Yoast demonstrates that he has shifted to S3 when he offers his help with offensive plays, however, since Boone is still S1 he does not accept help from Yoast (23:20).


The Titans move into the norming stage when Lastik says, “Man, I don’t have any people, I’m with everybody Julius” and his roommate Jerry Harris sticks up for him (22:15). The relationship between Harris and Lastik is shown in two other scenes; in one of these scenes Harris volunteers to tutor Lastik and in another when they sing the Temptations in front of the team at a meal (24:45). Other scenes that indicate the Titans are finding their niches on the team are when Bertier and Campbell have a bonding moment in front of the team with the “Left side” “strong side” interaction (35:30), the “Bertier’s Mama” interaction (37:43), and the “this is the defensive table” interaction, when Bertier tells his friend Ray

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