Remembering Flower Power

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Flower Power A photographer may never know when the right moment to take a photograph is, nor do they know when a moment may present itself that needs to be captured and shared with the world. On October 21st, 1967 Bernie Boston could have been just another face in the crowd, but he had had the foresight to position himself on a wall of the Mall Entrance to the Pentagon. That day was the culmination of a week of protests, working to end the ongoing war in Vietnam. By this time, thousands of people had died overseas, and still more were being drafted for the armed services every day. The young “hippy” protestors had been using the term ‘flower power’ since its origin’s in Berkeley, California a few years earlier. Bernie Boston, on his perch on the wall, in that moment saw the peak of all of the protestors’ feelings coming together. All he could do was point, and snap. The Youth International Party, or as its members were known, “yippies”, was at the height of the American counterculture in the 1960’s. They employed street theater and humorous pranks as a way to peacefully protest against a government that they did not believe in. In October of 1967, the organization planned to attend a March on the Pentagon, organized by the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam. However, YIP’s mass protest was a little more out of the box. They planned an exorcism of the Pentagon itself, with their members surrounding the building, chanting incantations, in hopes of
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