Remembering Grandpa Essay

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As I walked through the door of the funeral home, the floral arrangements blurred into a sea of vivid colors. Wiping away my tears, I headed over to the collage of photographs of my grandfather. His smile seemed to transcend the image on the pictures, and for a moment, I could almost hear his laughter and see his eyes dancing as they tended to do when he told one of his famous jokes. My eyes scanned the old photographs, searching for myself amidst the images. They came to rest on a photo of Grandpa holding me in his lap when I was probably no more than four years old. The flowers surrounding me once again blended into an array of hues as I let my mind wander……

“Look Grandpa, he’s over there!” A little blond girl rushed over to the
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She withdrew from the window, climbing onto her grandfather’s lap. “Midnight’s here again, and he’s still as black as coal except for that small white star on his face,” she informed him, trying to imitate the shape of the white star with her fingers. The man just nodded, amused at his granddaughter’s antics. This was a game that the two of them had been playing for quite some time. The child loved horses, but because she lived within the city limits and had no pony of her own, she had developed an imaginary horse. She loved to tell her Grandpa about Midnight galloping across the snow or jumping over tall fences. However, no one else had the privilege of hearing these stories. Midnight was a secret that the girl shared only with her Grandpa.

“Did I tell you what he did yesterday?” the girl asks, almost breathless with enthusiasm.
Not waiting for a response from her grandfather, she launched into an explanation of her imaginary horse’s most recent adventure. Midnight had been lost in a snowstorm, trapped in the woods for three whole days with no blanket to keep him warm at night. “He was such a smart, brave horse, Grandpa, that he managed to find his way home” the granddaughter chirped. “I left him apples and carrots on the kitchen table last night, and when I woke up this morning, Midnight had eaten everything but the apple core!” The child’s grandfather just chuckled. “That crazy horse!” he said.
She just nodded in agreement, giggling
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