Remembering Operation Overlord

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The planning of Operation Overlord and the invasion were both effected by the lack of equipment and landing crafts. Operation Overlord was a very advanced operation involving Americans, Canadians, British, and other allies. The allied forces were going to attack the beaches of Normandy in France, which was currently under Nazi Control. They attacked five different Beaches: Juno, Gold, Sword, Utah, and Omaha beach. This operation could lead to the end of World War 2 and the defeat of the Nazis. In 1943, a year before the invasion, the allies chose who would be in charge of the invasion. “General Eisenhower was chosen to be in charge of the operation.”(Brohier) Allies had tight security in order to prevent the Germans from learning details about the invasion. He chose Normandy to be the place of the invasion because it was in reach of Bombers stationed in Britain. However, the planning did not go as well as expected because of the lack of equipment and landing crafts because they were in use in other places. The Allied forces sent out fake troops to Pas de Calais, the tightest place between Britain and France, to make the Germans think the invasion was there instead of Normandy. They even led Germany to think the invasion was in other place, for example Norway. The last couple of Months and weeks before the invasion, “British bombers began to soften up the German defenses by wrecking railways and bridges” (Brohier 1) so that the German troops could not make their way to
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