Remembering The Dead

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Remembering the dead is often by an elegy or serious reflection on their lives, usually we learn great deals from the dead even after they have passed. As people die everyday there are reflections into their lives to see what they have don’t both good and bad to learn from their lives to change ours. More often than not, you will learn the most from a person who is very influential to you and is close to you. We all lose some close to us and depending on who was lost do you understand and learn from their successes or their failures, these lessons can change your life in a great way. My aunt was one of the most caring, loving, and honest person i’ve ever met and the lose of her lead me to reflect on how i want to live my life. If we all care…show more content…
The importance of caring for family first wasn’t really a big thing in the eyes of a younger kid like me until i realized that family is the closest and most caring people around you. Your friends are close to you but will never be as close as family, my aunt taught me that to care for your family is the most important thing to remember because friends can leave but family will always be family. People die everyday and family members are a part of that, no one will live forever so you need to be a part of the lives of your family because they won’t live forever. With death right around the corner from all of us we need to step back and understand what we have and be appreciative of it, because in a moment we could lose what we…show more content…
I learned from her that i have to care for those who are close to me and put family before all because family is forever. Also, I learned that love is the most important thing to make sure everyone knows that they have to keep everyone together. Finally, the importance of honesty with those you care about and how it can keep you from hurting yourself and others. The idea of life is an illusion and no matter how good, or how healthy you are you will die one day like everyone else. My aunt’s elegy is so important to me because it has taught me how to live my life, and how to be the best man I can be in my
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