Remez Sason The Happiness Factor Analysis

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Personal Response – The Happiness Factor Draft #2 “The Happiness Factor” is an article written by Remez Sasson. The author describes how we are all constantly searching for happiness, something that has always been inside of us, and the causes that contribute to the happiness factor in order for us to feel this sensation. In fact, the feeling of joy drives us to “seek [the] same activity again, in order to repeat this pleasant feeling.” After reading this article, it allowed me to realize why I do certain activities and changed my perspective on how I can achieve happiness, as well as what influences this emotion to occur. In this article, Sasson states that our goals start as daydreams that we think about all the time. These daydreams bring…show more content…
This ‘something’ we are searching for is happiness. In fact, Sasson states that happiness is “always within [us],” but “we associate it with external events, possessions, and people.” In fact, once we find our happiness, there is “a stoppage of the thinking process” because we are no longer worried. This changed my perspective on this delightful emotion. For the longest time, I thought happiness was an emotion that we can only obtain from external sources, but in reality, it is an internal feeling that we associate with our experiences. I always believed that without the experiences I attained, I would not be able to sense this positive emotion because I thought only external activities can create happiness in our life. Furthermore, I agree with this statement because when I am at a state of bliss, I forget about all the negative thoughts and emotions running through my mind and focus on the positive emotions that I obtained from the event. Ultimately, the article allowed me to realize that we do not need to constantly search for happiness, as it has always been a part of us, but instead, associate this emotion with external events, possessions, and people, which is something that I already do without…show more content…
After reading this article and applying it to myself, I was able to understand the factors that contribute to my contentment, and what I can do to continue living a joyful life. Overall, this article changed my perspective about what happiness is and how this feeling can be attained, allowing me to make certain adjustments in my life in order to continue feeling this
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