Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten

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Alexander Keyssar’s
Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten
Amanda Collier
September 3, 2012
Bruce Massis

In this writing the classical principles of argumentation – Ethos, Pathos, and Logos will be observed as it is used in “Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten by Alexander Keyssar.” These arguments are used to persuade the reader to think that the writer’s ideas are the best ideas. Before going into whether or not Keyssar used these principles in his writing, it is important to understand what each of the three principles mean. In the principle of Ethos, or ethical appeal, it is used to persuade the audience or reader of the authors creditability. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes Ethos
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Keyssar used words such as poverty, and race to appeal to the reader’s emotions. Saying that the victims of Katrina had to endure things such as rape and violent treatments in the shelters made them look like outsiders in their own country. An example of Ethos was used when Keyssar argued that Americans mainly ignored the reality of the poor in New Orleans; with our “land of SUVS and hedge funds” there is powerful news footage and major news magazines (such as the New York Times). He is making the reader believe in his credibility because people believe in such sources, as they are considered very credible. Logos principle is applied by discussing the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and their inability to respond effectively to the people after the storm. Keyssar says that unlike the disasters, poverty is not technical and should be approached comprehensively. This played on people’s reasoning and logic. As a historian, Keyssar has taught and written about poverty in the United States. He is highly respected because of his expertise. When he writes about the
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