Remingtin Research Project

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Remington’s Research Project
Remington’s restaurant is one of the casual restaurants located in Tampa, Florida. The restaurant is seen have various issues that surrounds its operations and the profitability as well. This research is deemed at looking at the various tenets of success that surrounds this restaurant. Again the failure that affects this restaurant is worth noting down. To this end, the performance of this restaurant is t put under scrutiny with keen concern on the various variables that affects it operations and profitability at each and every stance. In the recent past a survey was conducted in order to get to know the performance of Remington’s restaurant in
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This will be followed by well informed sets of recommendations that are deemed to be sufficient for this study. To this end, it is proper to note that the recommendations provided are strictly based on the analysis of the data collected by the recent survey.
To this end the main objective of this research is to know the general performance stands of this restaurant with keen concern on the numerous variables that revolves around the profitability of the restaurant. The most important purpose of the study is to explicitly understand the general perception of the performance of the Remington’s restaurant, to put to light the real gist of understanding the research methodology that has been used by Remington’s restaurant, and lastly to know the overall satisfaction that various customers derive from the experience they get from this restaurant. The research study therefore focuses on the four distinct sets of variables: the research selection criteria, the invaluable perception on the performance criteria, the demographic indicators on the host and lastly, the invariable satisfaction criteria.
Research objectives
The main purpose of this research study is to come up with a strong analysis on the performance level the restaurant. The following objectives have been brought forward with regard to this purpose.
Research Objectives on Research Process 1. To investigate on the viability of the Remington’s

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