Remodeling Societies in the Middle East

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ABSTRACT Nation building and remodeling societies in the Middle East is therefore the wrong policy to pursue, when the West should be minimalizing its visible presence as much as possible. Since Muslim fundamentalism is not the real cause of terrorism, attempting to change these countries will only generate more attacks against the West. Left to their own devices, most of these groups would not attack the U.S. at all, since Hamas and Hezbollah operated mainly in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank, directing almost all of their attention against Israel, while Al Qaeda never launched any attacks against Israel at all, despite its extremely hostile rhetoric against Jews. All of these groups, including the ones funded and inspired by Al Qaeda, are driven by mainly nationalist goals against a foreign military presence and the larger the size of this presence the more attacks it will generate. OUTLINE INTRODUCTION THESIS: All NCOs should understand first and foremost that suicide terrorism is a tactic, not a strategy, religion or an ideology, and has been used to oppose foreign occupations of Islamic countries like Iraq rather than being an integral part of Islam or even Islamic fundamentalism. Nor was the U.S. military prepared for nation building operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have not been successful in any case. MAIN POINTS ROOT CAUSES OF SUICIDE BOMBING AND TERRORISM: Almost all Muslim suicide bombers are inspired by hatred of American military and foreign

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