Remote Access Solution Proposal

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Remote Access Solution Proposal Introduction The many advantages of having a virtual workforce are starting to change the mindsets of senior management teams in the North America specifically, and globally as well. In addition to the many time-saving benefits of not having to commute, the reduction in carbon emissions hurting the environment, telecommuting also creates opportunities for companies to create highly effective virtual teams, comprised of experts located globally (Harpaz, 2002). Another benefit of telecommuting from a productivity standpoint is the flexibility it provides knowledge workers to plan their most challenging tasks during the hours they are the most productive (Harpaz, 2002). Over the long-term, telecommuting can significantly reduce real estate and operations costs as well, as companies rely less office space. Given the productivity and time savings, enabling remote access clearly needs to be a high priority for our organization over the long-term. Defining The Technology Platform For Telecommuting To enable a successful telecommuting strategy, networking protocols for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), suggested configurations for those protocols and the resulting networks, encryption technologies and authentication methods need to be taken into account. The following sections of this proposal define each of these technology-based considerations from a protocol, configuration, VPN authentication method and VPN encryption technique
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