Remote Control Software Used in a Local Area Network Essay

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Remote Control Software Used in a Local Area Network Introduction Remote control software can solve many of the problems that an administrator or user can encounter on a local area network. Using a remote-control program, one can access a PC remotely to exchange files between systems, run applications, take control of a client PC or server in order to troubleshoot a problem, and much more. Remote-control software is an application that you install on two PCs that permits one system (the guest) to connect with and control another (the host). Once you're connected, you can do just about anything as if you were sitting at the host PC. In addition, remote-control software lets you transfer files between PCs faster and more efficiently.…show more content…
Objectives · Find six of the leading remote control software packages · Research the literature to find and present as much as possible about each software packages limitations and strengths. · Compare the software packages and make an arbitrary decision as to which is the most capable. · Identify and present the problems that may arise from having the capability to monitor workstation activities anywhere on the net. Background Most users associate remote-control software with telecommuting or day extending. Telecommuters typically use remote-control software to connect to an office PC over an analog phone line to exchange files and access productivity applications. However, there are many other uses for remote-control technology. For example, in a corporate setting, a help desk administrator can take over a client PC and show a worker how to accomplish a task or fix a problem. Network administrators use remote-control software to connect with a server or a workstation and troubleshoot a problem without making the long trek to the server room or the workstation’s location. . Furthermore, many major computer vendors put remote-control software on their PCs so that they can provide customer support remotely. The project’s intent was to take all of these

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