Remote Control or Mind Control

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Imagine this, it’s the year 2020 and you’re long gone from UC’s campus. You’ve gotten the job you’ve always wanted and finally have a family of your own. You come home from working a 15-hour shift and your three-year-old toddler starts throwing a tantrum about being bored but, your spouse is gone for the time being and only you can entertain the child. What do you do? Do you swallow your pride and play games, read, and or color with him or do you simply turn on the television and let “SpongeBob” take it away? This is a big battle that exists in today’s society. Most people tend to have an opinion that media, specifically television and video games, are having long-term effects on our children concerning their behavior and morals. Others, although typically outnumbered, think that the media does not heavily impact children and most children, if raised with proper care, will know the difference between right and wrong even with media present in their life. In one text, an informative, factual research style paper, the University of Michigan Health System gives insight as to why television may be more harmful than helpful to our youth using raw data from clinical researches. For my second text I have chosen a freehanded, opinion based article, written by a parent who sees nothing wrong with letting his children watch television. These two articles have different insight on the same subject considering it’s discourse community, audience, and style of writing. I’ll begin with the
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