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History is the unfinished book of past mistakes, misjudgments, wrong doings, accomplishments, great feats, and above all a written document of man's creation and survival. Within the text of this book you will see wrong, right, justified, and unjustified actions carried out by all man kind. The removal of the Cherokee nation in 1838-1839 is one of the worst affairs ever carried out by the American government. As no one can deny that this event is a terrible atrocity, the question however of if it is justified is an issue to be thought of separately. Debated by historians still today, the Cherokee Removal act under the "Jacksonian" administration was one of the greatest horrors ever to be justified in American history.

In 1828
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Uprooting a Nation and relocating them eight hundred miles from the place these people have called home is an evil of extreme magnitude. It is undeniable that this act of Indian Removal was a terrible thing to do, yet history is lettered with bad choices, hurt feelings, and inhumane acts. When the choice was made by Jackson to relocate the Cherokee, and other civilized tribes, there were many factors that played into that decision.

The nation was still a "baby" when Jackson became president. Having only had seven presidents to precede Jackson, the Government was still in the process of forming. The looses confederation we called a nation at that time was desperately trying to hold on to the states that it was forming up around. The need for the Government to have the control over its states, and still allow them to function on there owns was a balance issue that remains in society even today. The Cherokee Nation threatened this very idea. Residing with in the Application Mountains, and mainly the Georgia area, this nation upset the balance the Government was striving for. The Cherokee nation had their own Government system, with a "two house legislation, and a supreme court. The Cherokee's established New Echota in their Georgia lands as the capital." A separate nation within the bounds of another nation's state! How was this to be taken? Was Georgia or the American Government
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