Removing Myself From The Machine

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Removing myself from the machine, is easy to say, doing it is a conundrum, for I like you I suspect seem attached. I 'm in the final 'Countdown ' of what the machine has in store for those skinned with flesh; let me tell you, skin technology reacts to touch, eventually it 'll do it of its own accord. Technology inherently knows you 're tactile... a face ‘toucher.’ Spooky! After a night out I 'm unaware anything touching my face - does this mean the machine is more human than I after stringy cheesy chips? I long to unplug while plugged in just so I can have my existence back, free from gadgetry control, but I know that won 't happen. Technology is present as you walk haplessly into shops and banks, go to the gym, cook your meals - the only place you 're safe is where wifi cannot reach is where humans rarely go. But with the world populous expanding and Kevin Bacon is littering the planet with connectivity dust - logistic disconnection is becoming a pipedream. Soon there will be holiday packages offering "100% Disconnection" or offer "No Device Zones," an unique selling point for those who really want to energise their battery. Advancements of the 'smart ' mobi-format gives me the shivers, because those soulless devices regardless of day or night display your life via apps - data is in sync, social networks stores detailing an average human doesn 't recall / connect to. The mistake is... confiding in apps instead of using you 're own abilities - trusting your capabilities
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