Renaissance And Reformation 1350-1600

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Renaissance and Reformation, 1350-1600
Renaissance was a time that began in 1300, during the last middle age and ended in during the late 1500s but correctly marked the period of the European history. The word in French meant ‘rebirth’ of the European civilization. The Reformation was the break from the Catholic Church and the birth of Lutheranism or Protestant that was championed by Martin Luther King. The essay will focus on the origin of Renaissance and Reformation explaining the intellectual and artistic renaissance. It will also explain the Protestant Reformation and the spread of Protestant and the Catholic response.
The Renaissance
The Renaissance began with the emanation of a secular worldview …show more content…

It was successful due to military invasions in Italy, and the end of the war between England and France also that took place over hundreds of years aided people to settle and focus on issues than the conflicts and wars.
The Intellectual Renaissance
Some of the features that supported the progress of the Renaissance were the intellectual movement, the printing press, music, literature, art, science, economic and society, geography and religion. The printing press demanded the perfect recreation of texts as well as the renovated focus on researching them assisted in triggering the greatest discoveries in the entire history of humanity; printing of movable type (Stephens and John, 2014). Johannes Gutenberg that allowed modern culture to grow developed the printing in 1440.
McKay et al. (2011), in the combined volumes depict that the most widespread change in society during this era was the collapse of the feudalism and the rise of the capitalist economy. The Black Death had caused the decrease of labor and increased trade and giving rise to middle-class people working for wages to earn a good living condition, therefore the end of serfdom (Tomlinson and Gary, 3). Rulers also realized that having money could maintain their power by instead of relying on allegiances; they were able to keep more knights in service as well as peasants.
Humanistic matters brought back the traditional principles of comedies and tragedies such as the Shakespeare’s work to be

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