Renaissance Essay

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The European Renaissance, beginning of the New World, the prototype of modern day society. Renaissance in the latin language means to “rebirth” or the “reawakening”. The reason why it was called the Renaissance was because it was considered the rebirth of the way of the common man’s thinking and how the society itself viewed things. It was also considered the bridge or the fine line between the Dark Ages and the Modern Times. They had many ideals, hypotheses, and experiments that may have proven to be true, or just another step closer to the truth.
` Around 1350 B.C.E., the Renaissance began due to many reasons. After the Bubonic Plague that raged throughout Europe, the businesses moved away from grain sales into selling fine items such
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Their goal was the revival of languages, values, and intellectual tradition that the past. The growth in pursuing education and the rising of economic equality also led to the common people wanting and learning to read and strive for higher education. Children would be sent to school or have tutors in order to receive that education, believing that they would receive better jobs and make better connections with other people, ultimately helping them with their lives in the future. Another major change was in the attention of God and nature converting to attention of self. Evidently in art, we can see that instead of portraying pictures about the nature and God, it slowly shifted into drawings of the human body and features. For instance, the Florentine painter Giotto was a famous artist who advanced art immensely. He had the technique of drawing and representing the human body realistically. This was admired and other artists took to it and started to shift their drawings away from the olden, day and started to focus their drawings more on man and their actions. Lastly, the common men who were told what to think and how to act were finally given a freedom. They were encouraged to think and find out about the world for themselves, rather than having other people tell them what know. This greatly improved original thinking, leading to more ideas being created and based upon. Currently in the modern day world, the legacies of the
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