Renaissance Festival And Its Effect On American Culture

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Life must have been irrational back in early Europe. Slap happy, drunken, and crazed people were all there was back then. The only rational people were the King and Queen, and any other royalty. A lot of stuff has changed since the medieval times in Europe, and the experience was extraordinary. At some point time I had learned about the medieval times and what the time period was like, but never really had the experience. What exactly is the Renaissance Festival? I found this to be a recurring thought on the opening day as my family and I arrived at the Festival. The Renaissance Festival is a unique festival that takes place in the United States of America. Most of the time they are non-permanent set ups that are only around for a period of…show more content…
The new experience was quite interesting. For starters the food, I could not believe the amount of food portioning they were selling. The first food related item I saw was this woman and her husband trying to eat these massive ham legs. The legs had to of been the size of my Brothers head and he is in the eighth grade. The meals that were being sold looked as if they could feed a family. I presume if I were to walk around for the entire day, then maybe I might be able to work up an appetite to eat all of the food. For me the food was almost unappetizing. The best part of all of this was someone was really paying for all of the food. The big portions were big dollars, as goes for food at least. I am positive almost every corner I turned there was some sort of vending item or snack for purchase, but the games there might have made me a bit hungry. The games were very appealing, and I know some of them my parents would not let me play at home. The very first game that caught my eye was this giant crossbow made from wood. I thought I have got to try this, which was when they said I had to buy pounds. Now any British person there would have known exactly what they were talking about, as for me I was clueless. They had these booths where we could purchase fake money or pounds as they referred to them as and use them to play the games. So my parents got several for my siblings and I to use. I ended up using a…show more content…
We got there and the guy running had a very loud and obnoxious voice. He gave us a few tips of the trade as he would say, and then he let us throw. I am and going to be completely honest, I never let my Brother beat me in anything, so when he stuck more knives in the target than me I was astonished. I
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