Renaissance Humanism During The Renaissance

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During the renaissance period, which started at the beginning of the 14th century and lasted until the 17th century, during this period of time renaissance humanism became the biggest social phenomenon that linked artistic, political, literary, and intellectual developments of the renaissance period. Renaissance humanism was the interplay between history, rhetoric, moral philosophy, grammar, and poetry which was an important foundation of intellectual and cultural society of early modern Europe. Humanism during the renaissance period was branded by the spike in creativity and in the arts and humanities that encouraged a changed look on the classical texts, increase in scientific knowledge, an in depth reflection of what governance meant, and what would make a more up to date and open education for most. Created from renaissance humanism were a massive influx of architects, scientists, painters, philologists, painters, travellers, and philosophers that shaped the way that the world is today and when the printing press was invented during this period of growing independence helped people spread humanist texts. Renaissance humanism also helped to kick start the development of the Reformation with the realization that humanism opened up people’s opinions and ideas Luther knew that if he wanted change within the church this was the time to strike. The adaption of humanism caused an increase of the appreciation of worldly pleasures, assertion of personal independence and
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