Renaissance Humanism : The Renaissance And The Renaissance

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Renaissance Humanism- Travelers from England saw the Renaissance, or rebirth of tradition from the Greeks and Romans as seen in literature, in Italy. Humanists transferred this movement into schooling. Also, we see a shift from a predetermined fate from the medieval ages to believing god provides options and everyone has potential. War of the Roses- This war took place in the fifteenth century between the royal house of York and Lancaster. This war ended when Yorkist King Richland III in the battle of Bosworth Field. After Henry Tudor became king he married Elizabeth of York, thus the rivalry was gone and the two houses became united. Also, the war discouraged aristocrat landowners. King Henry VII concentrated the power within his court. This created an effect where the whole nation adopted to the court’s likings such as finding underlying meanings to literature, and changing their likings to the court’s taste in music, dance, theatre, and etc. Tudor Reign- During this time the religious events, as well as the political events, made people aware of their identity and proud of their national identity. This created a different outlook on those who were not included in their national identity. Literacy and the Bible- During the 16th century, the people had translators of the Bible. However, in the 17th century one of the biggest religious events happened, King James I made the “King James Bible.” This was a diplomatic and elegant translation of the Bible. Trivium and Education- During the Renaissance humanism, young lads were put in private school or grammar school. The education included medieval trivium that incorporated rhetoric, logic, and grammar. Quadrivium and Education- The young boys also had quadrivium education that included astronomy, geometry, music, and arithmetic. However, the Latin language was also stressed in their education. Vernacular English- Vernacular English is the language that everyone spoke. The high sense of national pride of the vernacular English along with the respect of the classic authors led to many translations of classic literature. Anglican Church and Book of Common Prayer- Protestant rule continued from Henry VIII to his kid Edward. And during the reign of Edward, the

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