Renaissance Influence

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The renaissance was known as the cultural rebirth. This was one of the most glorious time in the world's history. The Medici contributed greatly to this amazing era. Without The Medici the renaissance would’ve never even happened.

The Medici helped many artists become famous.This family was a patron, they supported the arts. They had taken in many famous artists like Brunelleschi. The Medici funded the making of The Florence Cathedral. Without the Medici that amazing dome wouldn’t exist today. Medici also funded Michelangelo, he made many beautiful master pieces. Michelangelo made The david and the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Those were only some of his creations and none of them would exist if it weren’t for The Medici. Many great artists wouldn’t exist if they hadn’t been discovered and/or funded by The Medici.
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The Medici bank was one of the most important banks in all of Europe. Giovanni de Medici was the first in the family bank business. This gained the Medici family lots of respect and power in the financial system. This bank developed the credit and debit system. Without the Medici the banking system Europe may have never discovered credit and debit.

These are just some of the things the Medici took part in. If the Medici wasn’t a part of the renaissance, history would’ve played a different way. We may not of had the artists we have now. We may not know the things we know now. It’s true, without the Medici the renaissance would've never
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