Renaissance vs Baroque

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The ideology and culture of the Renaissance and Baroque Eras are reflected in artwork from the eras. Renaissance art seems to the moment before an event took place and the Baroque art is characterized by great drama, rich deep color, and intense light and dark shadows. Baroque artists chose the most dramatic point, the moment when the action was occurring. For example Michelangelo designed his David composed and still before he fights against Goliath. In Bernini's David in the Baroque era is caught in the motion of hurling the stone at Goliath. “Baroque art was meant to evoke emotion and passion instead of the calm rationality that had been prized during the Renaissance.”
During the Renaissance
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The church had turned itself into an immovable institution with influence over everything in the kingdom. During the time when the Christian religion had become almost a personal affair for many of the people of Europe; “Michelangelo saw himself as a master (almost like a God) who was going to create David (his Adam). Even though there have been many portrayals of David none of them carried the poise and intensity of Michelangelo's work of art.”
The term "Baroque" was initially used with a insulting meaning, to underline the extremes of its magnitude. In particular, the term was used to describe its eccentric redundancy and loud overbearing use of details, which contrasted the clear and simple prudence of the Renaissance era artworks. The objective of baroque was to make the temporary life on earth unique and full of beauty. Symmetry seemed very important during this time. Baroque was a profound style; many engorged forms, over the top ornaments and a good use of rich and glossy materials (a lot of colorful marble, gilding and bronze). There were a lot of movement, and flow in the sculptures and paintings. For example angels were made to fly, saints were portrayed to be raising towards the heavens, and people were captured in action as they moved and fought.
Baroque is filled with drama and magnificent accents;
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