Renal Three Types Of Renal Glycosuria

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Renal glucosuria, or renal glycosuria, is a condition in which the kidney expels glucose out of the body through urination regardless of normal or low blood glucose levels. Under normal circumstances, kidneys that are functioning properly will reabsorb the glucose that is present in the blood that is filtered by the kidneys. If the kidney is functioning properly, sugar is only eliminated when there are excess of glucose in the bloodstream, a condition known as hyperglycemia. Renal glycosuria is rare in occurrence, and in most cases is benign. There are three types of renal glycosuria: Type A, Type B, and Type O. Type A renal glycosuria is characterized by low threshold for glucose by the kidneys and its impaired ability to reabsorb…show more content…
It is speculated that other genes might be involved and external environmental factors may have influence as well. The reason behind the speculation is that scientists have been inconclusive in determining whether the gene is a recessive trait, dominant, or codominant. It is mostly known to be autosomal recessive trait, but certain cases of renal glycosuria demonstrated characteristics that best fit under co-dominance with incomplete penetrance (Lee, 2013). The hypothesis that other genes or external factors are involved in the exhibition of renal glycosuria best explains the discrepancy in the amount of glucose present and the frequency of glucosuria. Renal glycosuria can occur in both males and females. It does not appear more frequently in one race or ethnicity than it does in another. In fact, it has been observed in other mammals as well. Okapis (a mammal indigenous to Central Africa) with renal glycosuria have been studied extensively regarding their diet, stress, and pregnancy (Vercammen 2014). The study concluded that diet and stress had minimal impacts, if any, on renal glycosuria. During pregnancy of one of the okapis, the pregnant okapi expelled lower amounts of glucose in her urine. The reason for reduced glucose levels in the urine during pregnancy is that the okapi needed to absorb more glucose to sustain the extra energy needed to
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