Essay about Rendezvous Disciplines

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Rendezvous Discipline Criminology is known as a ‘Rendezvous’ discipline; discuss the meaning and validity of this label The purpose of this essay is to discuss the meaning and validity of the label criminology has as a ‘rendezvous discipline’. To do this, this essay illuminates where criminology originates from and what its primary focus is. The Chicago School, Lombrosian Theory, Positivist and Classical criminology, are discussed. Other disciplines namely Sociology, Psychology, and the Criminal Justice Sector are examined and applied to the broad subject of criminology, to show the network of how this subject came to be recognised as such a discipline. Exposed are main issues that occur for the likes of criminologists and other…show more content…
This definition at first would appear broad; it involves a number of aspects of criminality. However, it was written before the 20th century and has arguably become unequipped in defining the subject. This is due to the evolution of crime and criminals. Criminology is a discipline that focuses directly on crime, William’s definition bases itself largely on the criminal justice system; it is not now broad enough to define the criminality that exists in modern society. What constitutes now as breaking the law is questioned; is stealing a pencil from a store a crime or should it be classed as deviance. Smartt (2009) composes ‘new offences have come about, such as issuing false cheques or the cloning of credit cards, yet old statues-like the Theft Acts of 1968 and 1978 prevail’. Before Williams in 1997 published her definition of criminology, Emsley in 1996 wrote what he believed to be the simplest definition, and it is similar to Williams in that he has based his also around the criminal justice system: ‘crime is a behaviour which violates the criminal law, behaviour which ‘if detected’, would lead to prosecution in a court of law, or summarily before an accredited
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