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Rendezvous (udtales på fransk rendevou)
”Rendezvous” is a short story, written by Daniel Ransom in 1985. The story takes place on the interstate highway in the United States of America.
The story split up into two stories. The one half of the story is about a girl called Kim, and the other side of the story is about a man called Payton. The story is following both persons, Kim and Payton, at the same time. But in the end of the story they meet each other and the two stories becomes one. Kim is a fifteen years old teenager. She wants to have the control over her own life, without her parents interfering. Kim is sitting in an Interstate rest stop. It is cold and its starts raining. She is hungry and wishes a little bit that
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He has a tattoo of a cobra, which itches a lot. He has long dirty hair, like high music with drums and he is drinking while he is driving very fast. He is maybe a serial killer on the loose.

Events: the story starts in a media res where we see Payton driving in his car faster and faster, there are no introduction. There are flashbacks with Payton where he is thinking back at the meeting with the priest. There are some hints what there will happened in the end for Payton“now he rubs the cobra. It’s as if it needs to be fed. The saxophone solo is over now, the drums are back. He feels young, strong, invincible. TO hell with the priest. And then he sees Kim, hitchhiker, young gir. And a hint for Kim, She wishes she’d been able to get a glimpse of the driver, all there other drivers she’d been able to check out before getting inside. But it’s dark and she’s soaked from the rain, for some reason she thinks of the pay phone, as she opens the door she hears drums, very loud drums.
It is a open ending, everything could happen, but I got at bad feeling from the atmosphere in the story and the two hint’s.
Pont of view:
The short story is told by a 3rd person unlimited narrator, because nobody says something during in the text, and we get to know what they think. The narrator also has the ability to switch between Kim and Payton. The Story is told from the writer’s point of view,

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