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Rene Descartes was born on March 31, 1596 in La Haye Touraine, France. Descartes was considered a "jack of all trades", making major contributions to the areas of anatomy, cognitive science, optics, mathematics and philosophy. He has been referred to as the father of modern rationalism, soldier of fortune, scholar, pilgrim, traveler, and a firm adherent of the Roman Catholic faith. He was educated at the Jesuit college of La Fleche in Anjou. He entered the college at the age of eight years, just a few months after the opening of the college in January, 1604. At La Fleche, Descartes formed the habit of spending the morning in bed. His health was poor and he was allowed to remain in bed until 11 o'clock in the morning. This habit and custom…show more content…
It was at this point that he began to seek a unified science of nature. After two years in Holland he joined the Bavarian army. It was during this time with the army that Descartes wandered through Europe seeing parts of Hungary, Germany, Italy, and France. During his travels to Paris he made contact with Mersenne. This was an important contact because it kept him in touch with the scientific world for many years. In late 1628 he gave a speech in Paris in which he argued that the sciences must be founded on certainty. He was encouraged by Cardinal Pierre de Berulle to develop his own philosophical system. By 1628 Descartes tired of all the traveling and decided to settle down. He gave much thought to choosing a country that suited his nature and decided on Holland. He felt Holland would offer him seclusion and more intellectual freedom. Soon after he settled in Holland Descartes began work on his first major treatise on physics, Le Monde, ou Traite de la Lumiere. This work was near completion when he received the news that Galileo was condemned to house arrest. He decided not to risk publication. His work, the world's first extended essay on physiological psychology, was published after his death. While in Holland Descartes had a number of scientific friends, they encouraged him to publish his ideas. Although he was adamant about not publishing Le Monde, he did write and publish in 1637 a treatise on science under the

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