Renegades on Strategic Group Map Essay

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A key component to finding a firms place in a market is closely associated with the “strategic group map” created by McKinsey consultants in 1996 (CITE). Using the strategic group map a company can identify competitors and positioning against rival venues. After analyzing within a 50-mile radius, 8 Movie theaters, two malls, ice cream shops and Splash Down Water Park were found to be main competitors. Positioning on the map consisted of Duration of Expenses on the vertical axis and expense, respectively low to high. Among other competitor’ The Hudson Valley Renegades were places at mid expense with a high duration of experience deeming it an overall attractive market to consumers. When evaluating potential success of an innovation,…show more content…
Reversely, buyer power is deemed to be low. Ticket prices are relatively cheap, as the Renegades have exhausted many options leaving little room available alternative products. Barriers of entry directly correlate with proximity and profit. As the Renegades have become an established minor league team, it’s in another’s teams interest to locate where a Minor League team isn’t situated. A team situated in close proximity to Dutchess stadium would not obtain the same profit as it would be directly competing against an already well established company. The new entrant would fiscally be making a better decision if it were to locate a highly dense population area with few barriers of entry unlike Dutchess County. There are three towns with substitutes that are main competitors to the Renegades. Wappinger Falls, New York holds two locally owned parks and a Fun Central, a game entertainment geared towards families. Poughkeepsie, New York holds the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall, a recreational Walkway over the Hudson, and Empire Cruise lines for day trips. Fishkill hold SpalshDown Beach water park, and the Van Wyck Museum. In further analyzing there are two sport substitutes the Renegades should be aware of. The Rockland Boulders are a Canadian-American Baseball team from Pomona, NY roughly thirty minutes from Dutchess
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