Renewable And Non Renewable Sources Essay

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Simply put, energy is “a driving force behind all socio-economic activities” (Wesseh, & Lin, 2016). Therefore energy is highly demanded and various sources must be used in order to meet the market’s needs. Within energy, there are two categories of sources: renewable and non-renewable. Renewable sources being naturally replenishable in the short term and non-renewable sources being exhaustible (Wesseh, & Lin, 2016). Non-renewable energy sources include mainly fossil fuels and renewable energy resources comprise of “hydro, geothermal, solar, wind, tide and wave sources”(OECD, 2016). From wind to solar power, renewable energy sources are abundant and almost everywhere, so it seems obvious that the transition to renewable energy should start today; however, the issue is quite deeper than this. With it being very environmentally friendly, its ability to naturally replenish, and it being available virtually everywhere, it seems almost absurd that it is not being used right now. However there is some logic to this seemingly senselessness state of things. There is one thing in the way of renewable energy: non-renewable energy sources. Although the culprit of many negative externalities and its exhaustibility, non-renewable energy sources have been chosen over renewable ones for several reasons. However, as time goes on, the switch to renewable energy becomes more imperative. It is not the question of if we will switch to renewable energy, but when.
Although renewable energy is
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