Essay about Renewable Energy: A Bright Future

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In chapter thirteen of our book, Environment by Raven and Berg, it shows us just how important renewable energy sources are. Currently the United States of America thrives on the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power. The main problems with these types of fuel are that they are both limited and can be extremely harmful to our environment. They cause global warming, air pollution, acid rain, and oil spills (Environment), and not only that, but in the grand scheme of things, these sources really aren’t even that cheap of a fuel source. There are many alternatives to these all but outdated fuel sources.

Renewable energy is the future, and we should embrace it. The planet we live on is teeming with so many untapped renewable energy
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In some cases, individuals that have purchased solar roofs even have gotten checks from the power companies for the overflow from their solar powered homes. (Lewis) I find this to be amazing myself, imagine receiving a check from Ameren or any other power company instead of sending them one!

Not only can solar power give renewable energy to your home or business, but also to your vehicles. There are cars that run on complete solar energy that are ready and available to purchase. The only problem with the complete solar vehicles as of now is that mainly their top speed is 30-45 miles per hour. (Almasy) However, I suspect in the coming years, if we as a nation decide that fossil fuels are too expensive and a thing of the past, that we can engineer a vehicle that would be completely solar powered and functionally sound and be a good economic purchase. (Solar Power) We already have Hybrid vehicles that run on both gasoline and electric power, we have even cleaned the old fossil fuels up slightly with the use of a biomass source, ethanol. In my opinion it’s only a matter of time before a completely solar powered vehicle hits the market. The only real question is how much longer we will have to wait until America gets their hands on it? I believe it will happen sometime in my lifetime. I can’t wait to purchase an environment friendly vehicle that I would no longer have to pay for fossil fuel to drive.