Renewable Energy : A Path For A Cleaner And More Efficient America

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Renewable Energy: A Path To A Cleaner and More Efficient America
The U.S. must create new ways of replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. The benefits of switching over to these sources are endless and so are the life span of these energy sources. Renewable resources have been around since Earth has been created and will continue to be until life on this planet ceases to exist. The clear benefits of adapting to renewable sources of energy are very promising and can continue on to impact the United States in a very positive manner from creating a better environment, stimulate the economy positively and never having to fear an expiration of these energy forms.
A clear first positive reason to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy is to create a cleaner environment. Fossil fuels have caused much destruction to Earth’s current atmosphere and environment. From greenhouse gasses, carbon capture and other pollution emissions, fossil fuels have different ways of damaging the environment. Global warming is another prominent piece of evidence that reveals the dangers of non-renewable resources According to Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi both professors of respected universities, Stanford and California. , “Nuclear power plants create 25 times more carbons emissions than of wind energy.”. If the United States can eliminate emissions 25 times less than what they currently from nuclear energy the amount of good being done for the environment will be

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