Renewable Energy And Natural Gas

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Finally, the last form of power generation to be examined before the moral analysis is renewable energy, for example wind and solar power. Renewable energy is the least established method of generating electricity and is therefore still heavily tied up in research. By definition, renewable energy sources have a theoretically limitless amount of energy production since they do not deplete any resources through their use. This means that for as many years as humans inhabit the earth they can use renewable energies, such as solar, wind, hydro-power or others, which has much more potential than the 100 years for coal and natural gas. Renewable energy also has fewer negative environmental impacts since it does not directly release any…show more content…
One utilitarian approach used to determine which act is most ethical, is cost-benefit analysis. This analysis compares the potential benefits against the costs (financial, physical risks etc.) of possible decisions. For choosing which energy source the public should invest money in and engineers should invest research in, the criterion detailed above are compared. For cost-benefit analysis, shown in Table 1, the effect on future generations is incorporated at the same value as the effect on current generations. For the cost criterion, renewable energy is currently the least beneficial in regards to price to the public, cost of updating current technologies, researching new technologies, and implementing new infrastructure. Natural gas has lower costs related to infrastructure and technology changes than renewable energy, but when compared to coal, it has higher public cost as well as higher implementation costs. Consequently, for the greatest amount of happiness for people, which is related to lower costs, coal is the best energy source. Furthermore, natural gas has a much higher efficiency than renewables and coal, which have similar efficiencies. Human fulfilment, coming from happiness in the utilitarian theory, relates to the best/most effective use of resources, i.e. people do not like to waste time or money. Therefore, natural gas, with
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