Renewable Energy And Solar Energy Essay

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“As a source of energy, nothing matches the sun…. Only a small fraction of the sun’s power output strikes the Earth, but even that provides 10,000 times as much as all the commercial energy that humans use on the planet” ("Make Solar Energy Economical"). This is good evidence that investing in solar energy can be valuable because not only is it clean and renewable, but it is also plentiful. This makes solar energy better option then the use of fossil fuel, however there are a couple of challenges with solar energy that must first be overcome before even thinking about cutting fossil fuels. For example, while solar panels do create energy from the sun, they are not very efficient. Most of today’s “commercial panels” only capture 10 to 20 percent or the sun’s energy which means the cost of solar energy is 3 to 6 times more expensive then what we currently use (qtd. in DOE). Additionally, the the solar panels can be costly to manufacture because the materials used need to be of high purity so it does not interfere with the flow of the electrical charge. One also needs to consider that while the solar panels can create energy when the sun is out, this is not the case during the night or when it is cloudy/stormy. Therefore, storage of this power is very important because it would enable people to always have power. So, solar energy is quite promising and with improvement it has the ability to replace fossil fuels which is one of the grand challenges for engineers. Currently,

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