Renewable Energy And The Global Warming

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The Earth is dying at an extreme rate and will continue to do so unless we switch to renewable energy, to help fight and prevent the effects of using fossil fuels. Many people will say that we need to switch to renewable energy and that our planet is suffering from global warming, while others will say that global climate change is a natural occurring event that does not to be worried about. Many people in the modern generation have grown up with a big emphasis on how we need to change our daily habits in order to protect the world and preserve the life on it. The reason as to why many people will say this, is because for about the last fifty years’ scientist have been saying that we need to cut back on our fossil fuels and use more…show more content…
The hope is that when that time comes, the people of that era are advanced enough to be able to provide for themselves without the need of the same resources that we need everyday. An important question to ask ourselves, is what if the people don’t have the technology and need the resources we use everyday, but they won 't have as much or any if we continue to destroy our planet. The fact that we know our fossil fuels are limited and yet we still use them is crazy, in greenhouse living one article states that “Whether you believe that there are hundreds of years or just a few decades left of this resource, the fact remains that it is a finite resource. At some point, fossil fuels are going to either be gone or they are going to become too expensive to realistically use.” (Epstein ) This quote summarizes the overall issue with the use of fossil fuels and that is that they will run out. The question for that is, are we ready for when that day comes and we have to make the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy. As of right now, we have fossil fuels and don’t have to switch to renewable energy, but when the day comes, that the oil drilling stops producing and the coal minds are empty is the day we will have to sit back and say are we ready for this. The education system is one that can help lead the way in many different ways and one of them is setting an example of how things are in the modern way. The reason as to why education systems
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