Renewable Energy : Fossil Fuels

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Introduction 2
Fossil fuels and how much they generate 2
Advantages of fossil fuels 4
Disadvantages of fossil energy 4
Renewable energy and how they are generated 5
Advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy 6
Conclusion 7
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Renewable energy is currently one of the most preferred energy sources worldwide. Over the past few decades, there has been a raging debate on the capacity of renewable energy to meet the needs of the society. Despite the fact that it has public backing and several benefits over other sources of energy such as fossil fuels, renewable technologies is still doubted by scientists. Being characterised as a type of energy that cannot meet the energy needs of the
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It is notable that the solid form of fossil fuel is usually referred as coal and is the most commonly utilised type of fossil fuel in a number of domestic homes for personal usage.
Currently, most parts of the world uses different forms of fossil fuels to meet their daily energy requirements. Humans have always used at a very high rate and it is predicted that fossil fuels will run out in 40-50 years. The society need to come up with better energy sources as fossil fuels are short and they will can never meet up future demands for all generations to come Fossil fuels cause extremely high rates of air pollution when burnt. Coal still remains a major form of fossil fuel and has been used in key power plants in generation of electricity and often utilised by major industries in making items such as steel. Another major source of fossil fuel is coal that is used mainly by vehicle engines that use gasoline. Natural gas is another source of fossil fuel that is mainly used in homes. Among the three forms named, coal and Oil are considered as the most dangerous ones since they cause high levels of air pollution by increasing carbon dioxide volume in the atmosphere.
Fossil fuels are mainly extracted from the earth’s surface then refined to various forms that fit different uses. However, the future of fossil fuels is dim as they are presently being extracted and exhausted at a very faster rate. Every other day, several millions of barrels
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