Renewable Energy : Global Warming And Pollution

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Out of all the energy sources the United States has access to, 83.6% of the energy used in 2013 were fossil fuels. Being the leading country in energy consumption, and the amount of alternative energy available to the US, it is no wonder that the general population is concerned with global warming and pollution. The use of fossil fuels has increased pollution in the United States from 2013 to 2014 by 3.4%. The public pressure to address this energy crisis has lead Germany to decrease their use of fossil fuels. Even so, they are still “recording modest economic growth of 1.5 percent, breaking a traditional pattern in which nations see their energy use fall only during recessions,” said Melissa Eddy from The New York Times. Using renewable…show more content…
In the article by Melissa Eddy, she explains that the country-wide transition Germany’s consumption of fossil fuels was no easy feat. It was expensive and took a considerable amount of time, but with the help of the entire country, it can be done. Germany has reduced their fossil fuel dependency, while, as stated earlier, they have kept up their economic growth. Eddy’s article showcases that everyone in the country must to be a part of the effort to make a difference in the way energy is used.
What we need to be doing as a country is creating more affordable solar harnessing technology. We need to put aside room for more wind turbines in our empty fields. The government needs to take responsibility for the mess that they have created by letting coal and gas companies buy out their loyalty. We need to, as a country, take advantage of all of the energy sources that nature provides us with. The use of solar energy after coal has been the primary energy source since the Industrial Revolution will not be an easy transition. But for the country to go on ignoring the bounty of energy that we have on the Earth is a disservice to ourselves and our planet. The projected timeline of 200 years for the use of fossil fuels is of course concerning. Lignite coal and peat have served their purpose over the years, and have sustained our society somewhat adequately until recently. Changing times and technology have shown us that the greenhouse gasses are doing substantially more
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