Renewable Energy Is Not The Answer

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Renewable Energy Is Not the Answer Renewable Energy is defined as: a renewable natural resource or source of energy, such as water, wind, or solar power (Oxford English Dictionary). There are those that believe that our nation should abandon the use of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal, and switch to renewable energy sources. Although the change could yield many benefits, I believe that renewable energy is a not viable alternative for our nation’s energy future because it would create an unfavorable environmental impact, it is not as reliable, and it would be too costly. Converting to renewable energy sources would have a devastating environmental impact. In addition to solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric dams would make up the largest portion of renewable energy generation. Wind farms create hazards in their areas of operation. They consume up to 200 times as much land as gas-fired power plants (Langwith). If 25 percent of our nation’s energy came from wind, the turbines would kill more than a million birds each year (Langwith). Experts have been unable to find a solution to this problem. Hydroelectric dams are harmful to the habitats of many fish. For example, the Bonneville Power Administration has an expensive program of capturing fish and moving them around its Columbia River dams. Their goal is to recover and preserve the Pacific Northwest Salmon. This creates a huge cost to fisheries and causes many environmentalists to support “non-hydro
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