Renewable Energy Is Our Future Energy Sources

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Current Events Essay: Renewable Resources Are Our Future Energy Sources

Renewable energy resources are our future energy sources and great strides are being made by using these energy applications to improve the environmental impact towards protecting Earth. Hossain, K.A. writes in The Journal of Fundamental Renewable Energy and Applications that there are basically three sources of energy: fossil fuel, nuclear fuel, and renewable fuel sources (Hossain). Fossil fuels are being used up, nuclear fuel must be created, but renewable fuel can be regenerated. Renewable energy includes select natural resources, recyclable materials, alternative fuels, bio refineries, solid biomass, and innovative clean energy (Maczulak). Sources of renewable energy are being used to convert wind, geothermal, hydropower, ocean, biomass, and solar energy into electricity that can be used to power our world. Renewable energy is constantly being replenished (Hossain). “Renewable energy is available in plenty and by far most the cleanest sources of energy available on this planet” (Hossain). Progress is being made in each of the areas of renewable energy to improve it and make it usable and accessible to the general public.
Undoubtedly, the study of natural energy and renewable energy has been around for centuries, nevertheless we are currently seeing tremendous growth in innovations and availability of renewable energy. The discovery of electricity dates back to Benjamin Franklin, however
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