Renewable Energy On The Uav

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What the renewable energy is? Renewable energy is energy or power that is created from natural resources such as wind power, oceanic waves, and the sun. These resources can be used to replace other energy generators such as electricity and gasoline. The aim: On this project aiming is to use renewable energy on the UAV , therefore, it will be able to fly for longer distance without needs of landing for recharging or filled with fuel. In addition to that, solar panels are the reasonable solution for that which we can categorize these panels into: Polycrystalline Monocrystalline Hybrid All-Black These types of panels have different standard and verity of reducing energy, also they are hard panels and heavy which could produce a great amount of energy and mostly are used for house usages .However,’’ Ececom Flexible panels’’ give us this option to have a very lighter weight and great energy to be used on the UAV. Table 1 shows the details of these panels: Peak Power Pmax 130(Wp) Open-circuit voltage. Voc 20,32(V) Short-circuit current lsc 8,61(A) Voltage at Pmax. Vmp 16,89(V) Current at Pmax. Lmp 8,1 Number of cells 32 Size (b x h) 1355 x 660(mm) Thickness ( 1,7 (mm) Weight 2,2(kg) Efficiency Mono 18% Terminal ends Cable with universal MC4 plugs Max system voltage 600 V Moreover, our aim is to have longer time using renewable energy and storage the energy into the UAV so it does not need to landing after a period of time and only in emergency requires to

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