Renewable Energy : Perspectives On Germany

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Renewable Energy: Perspectives in Germany
Global climate changes and depletion of fossil energy resources on the planet forced the civilized world to pay more attention to the efficient use of traditional energy resources and increase the proportion of renewable ones. One can definitely say that Germany is the most progressive country in that sense. Constant growth in prices for gas and other energy sources, as well as Germany 's dependence on exporting countries, gave rise to a new round of debates about the German energy policy. The discussion primary topics concern mixed energy supply stability as well as promotion of inner energy production through the use of coal and alternative energy sources. This paper is focused on Germany’s wind energy sector perspectives.
Germany is one of the largest consumers of electricity. Moreover, this country is the third largest consumer of natural gas and the fourth of coal fuel. Oil products and gas occupy more than half of its energy structure. The primary source of oil production in Germany is an oil field on the west coast of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. According to the United Index Mundi data portal, the annual output of the German oil in 2013 was 18.5 million barrels, which roughly corresponds to the amount which produces the largest field in Saudi Arabia in one week. Therefore, Germany depends almost entirely on oil imports which it receives mainly from Russia and Norway. Germany’s gas needs are covered by domestic production…

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