Renewable Energy Resources : Wind Turbines Vs Solar Panels Essay

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RENEWABLE ENERGY RESOURCES - WIND TURBINES VS SOLAR PANELS – HOW THEY WORK Wind turbines: A wind turbine turns wind into energy. As wind blows towards the blades of the turbine, the rotors spin around, capturing kinetic energy from the wind. The rotor blades are able to rotate around the hub (located at the front, middle of the turbine) allowing them to meet the wind at the best possible angle. Inside the nacelle (the main body of the turbine), the gearbox is able to convert the low-speed turning of the drive shaft into high-speed rotations that are fast enough to drive the generator proficiently. The generator then takes the kinetic energy from the spinning shaft and turns it into the electrical energy. With the help of anemometers that provide the measurements of wind direction and speed, the rotors and nacelle can be rotated by a yaw motor allowing the blades to face directly towards the oncoming wind, capturing the maximum amount of energy possible. The electrical current produced by the generator then flows through a cable running through the centre of the turbine tower. From there, a step-up transformer converts the electrical energy to a voltage about 50 times higher. The energy can then be transmitted efficiently to buildings and homes nearby or to the power grid. Solar Panels: A solar panel turns the sun’s light into energy. Solar panels are made up of many small solar cells. Every one of these cells needs light from the sun to allow the electrons to move. Each

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