Renewable Energy Rural Areas Of China

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Renewable Energy in Rural areas of China Introduction Currently , the development of renewable energy resources , reduce consumption of fossil energy , environmental protection and mitigation of global warming has become a common sense of every country in the world. Despite China as a developing country and its historically low emissions, China faces international pressure to control its carbon emissions, which China is already the world 's largest carbon emitter, sharing 29% of global carbon emission in 2013 (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, 2014). Moreover, the demand and consumption is relatively high in the next decades (BP, 2015). China is a large agricultural country, around half of the population live in rural areas.…show more content…
Energy reduction and energy efficiency policy has become a national priority for the Chinese government. Renewable energy development in rural areas plays a significant role in promoting this national policy. Renewable energy development in rural places is not only the urgent needs of the majority of farmers , but also to target the national strategic objectives, to achieve sustainable development. 1. The current situation of energy demand /consumption in rural places The energy supply and demand in rural places has been basically improved, but from the well-off level of energy demand is still a wide gap. In the proceeding decades, the annul increasing rate of energy demand in rural places is 11%, compared to 5% in urban area. However, About 50% of Chinese rural households still depend heavily on traditional firewood for heating and cooking, the overall energy efficiency less than 25% which means huge potential to improve. (Ministry of Agriculture of China). According to the China`s energy policy, The energy demand of rural areas will be greatly enhanced in next decades. 2. It is necessary to increase the clean , high-quality energy supply in rural places whether it is from a structural shortage of energy resources, or from sustainable economic development, the construction of energy system in rural places can not continue past development model. Renewable energy, such as photovoltaic and solar water heating, can significantly improve the livelihood
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