Renewable Energy Source Capable Of Solving The Current Energy Crisis

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For years, scientists have been pursuing the discovery of a beneficial alternative energy source capable of solving the current energy crisis. Some of the most popular forms are solar energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy. Although solar, wind, and nuclear energy have many benefits, they are vastly detrimental to our environment. Solar energy requires a copious amount of space, wind energy is aesthetically disturbing and harmful to wildlife, and nuclear energy’s working fluid is highly pollutant. In turn, scientists have recently discovered the vast potential of ocean energy. The United States of America needs to pursue the further development of ocean energy. First, the ocean furnishes high levels of energy-availability. The ocean stands as the largest energy collector because of its massive size. According to Renewable Energy World, the sea stands as the largest solar energy collector because almost three-fourths of earth’s surface is ocean (Ocean Energy: Renewable [1]). “The Oceans are in one sense,” according to the Environmental Encyclopedia “a huge storage tank for solar energy” (“Ocean Thermal” [1]). Because the vast majority of earth is covered by the ocean, the ocean has more space to create energy than any other plant, panel, or mill. Ocean water is in surplus while land only covers approximately 25-30% of earth’s surface. While open and unused land supplies diminish yearly, the ocean continues to occupy relatively the same amount of surface area. Second,

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