Renewable Energy Sources And The Global Warming

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Renewable energy sources Let’s ask ourselves that when the erosion able elements of the earth is not achievable anymore and the glob is getting warmer day by day, what we are going to do to satisfy our requirements, and wants? How we can reduce global warming, decrease the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emission? What are some other natural origins by which we can continue our lives without hurting other existences in the earth? All these problems can be solved if we use renewable energy sources and recycle things again. That is why human is searching to discover and figure out many other natural ways to use the resources positively and act logically. First, let’s define what Renewable energy sources is and how we can benefit from…show more content…
So, the greatest way is to recycle the used items, use alternative energy sources instead of non-renewable sources, they should be kind to their nature and avoid the probable dieses that may influence our nature. One of the cleanest and basic energy sources is the solar power by which people can come out with many of their problems. Solar energy power, which is the energy taken from the sun, have a big usage in today’s world. People in all the countries use this energy source for different cases. It can be used for producing electricity, heating, cooking, charging, and much more usages. For example, people in the cities and rural areas of Afghanistan use the solar energy for electricity purposes, and in countries like japan and U.S it has a vast usage in industrial factories. This energy is the power that can be converted in to electrical energy and is the most abundant renewable source available. We can invert this power by modern technologies for different uses like, generating energy, providing light, heating water, and many manufacturing uses. Furthermore, the companies that provide solar shingles can make available many job opportunities. Solar energy technology is a common type of renewable sources that everyone in Afghanistan knows that and
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