Renewable Energy Sources

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Alternative / Renewable Energy Sources vs. Dependence on Oil Introduction Will solar energy and other renewable, alternative energy sources, replace the current main source of electrical energy production oil and coal? What alternative energy sources show the most potential for producing electrical energy in the future? How will this transition take place and when will it take place? What are the educated projections for the time in which crude oil will no longer be vital to producing electricity and how will renewable energy sources lead to a world of sustainability? The answers to these questions and others will be presented in this paper. Solar Technologies as Alternatives to Fossil Fuels (Oil) It is quite well known that solar energy has possibly the greatest potential to produce the energy needed for society to function at an optimum as a replacement for oil. Certainly wind energy shows great promise as well, and energy conservation has been considered a potentially able replacement for oil and coal. But in 2012, solar photovoltaics are by far the most likely candidate to fill in the gap from oil according to the literature. Andreas Poullikkas writes in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Energy and Environment that photovoltaic (PV) technology is considered the "…important technology for the future" (Poullikkas, 2010, p. 617). Western, industrialized nations aren't the only ones working establishing support programs "…to encourage the adoption of this
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