Renewable Energy Vs Nonrenewable Energy

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Energy in its various forms plays a big role in the world we live in today. From electricity powering our televisions to the gas lighting the fire in our stoves, our society is more dependent on energy than ever before. Energy comes in many different forms not only electricity; solar, chemical and thermal energy are examples of this. It can be separated into two groups, nonrenewable and renewable. Nonrenewable energy refers to a resource, which once consumed, cannot be replaced. Fossil fuels are a source of nonrenewable energy, however, they are already becoming scarce, this is where renewable energy comes in. Renewable energy comes from a source which when used, is not exhausted. Solar and wind are the most commonly known forms of renewable energy (The Definition). The demand for energy has increased as our population has grown, and will continue to do so. If renewable energy is not used more, the lifestyle we have today will suffer drastic changes, as resources such as oil and other fossil fuels will run out.

Renewable energy is the most sustainable option, and can be reproduced. An example of renewable energy is wind energy. Wind energy is the harnessing of wind using wind turbines, to create electrical energy. It is the fastest growing source of renewable electricity in the world, in 2013 alone, there were an estimated 35,467 megawatts of wind capacity globally installed. As it is renewable, it is a clean source of energy which does not produce greenhouse gasses, and
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