Renewable Energy: Wind Power Essay

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Wind is one type of renewable energy that can be developed to generate free and clean energy replacing the one that be renewed and cause the pollution such as fossil fuel. Wind energy can be extracted by using the suitable wind turbine that is suitable with the current wind speed at observe location which is eastern coast of peninsula Malaysia. Generally, Malaysia has a potential to use the wind as alternative energy because of the wind speed in Malaysia can reached until 12 m/s and this is the advantages for Malaysia to using wind power to generate power for using such as generating electricity.
According to the annual precipitation report climate data report on Putra Jaya, Wilayah Persekutuan average annual wind speed in Putra Jaya is 3 m/s. This is the national average of wind speed which is at 2 m height above ground. Roughly, doubling the height increases wind speed by 10%. Average height for street light in Malaysia is about 10m above ground, this means the average wind speed at the height of 10 m above ground will be about 4 m/s.

The energy per square meter area of a wind turbine is determined as:

0.5 x air density (kg per cubic meter) x wind speed x wind speed x wind speed.

Assuming air density as 1.3 kg per cubic meter and mean wind speed as 4 m/s give the energy per square meter area of a wind turbine as 41.6 W. The diameter (d) of a typical wind turbine is 1.2 m.

The circular area of a wind turbine is:
3.142 x 0.25 x d x d = 1.13 square meter.…