Renewable Fuels And The Energy Issue

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Investigating whether a renewable fuel produces the same level of energy as an equivalent amount of nonrenewable fuel would be beneficial to help save Earth’s natural resources and is a very relevant and important science project. The purpose of this project is to figure out which type of fuels is most efficient. In my science project, I will be burning various types of renewable fuels and non- renewable fuels and comparing the duration that they burn and comparing the temperature that they burn.

Finding the most effective fuel could solve a global issue and debate about which is better to use. Biofuels refers to materials that are recently dead and can be used as a gaseous fuel, a solid, or a liquid. Biofuels are also known as the nonrenewable fuels. On the other hand, agro fuels are derived from specific crops and are also known as the renewable fuels. In conclusion, I will be testing multiple types of fuels to compare my own results on a global energy issue.


If I burn fuels to compare renewable and non-renewable fuels, which one will be more efficient? That is the question I will be answering in my science project. It is important to figure out our earths energy supplies and needs and how to get the most efficient and renewable fuel. Throughout history, humans have tried to find available energy sources. Fuels have been an important commodity to humans for many reasons. Humans throughout history have needed fuels to convert to energy for
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