Renewable Sources Of Energy As Being

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This essay seeks to identify a number of challenges which are encountered when trying to identify what a sustainable source of energy is. To do this, it first briefly states ways in which the term ‘sustainable energy’ has been interpreted by various bodies and individuals and ways in which people seek to identify an energy source which is ‘truly’ sustainable. This essay seeks to point out the flaw in classifying all renewable sources of energy as being sustainable.It will achieve this by comparing two energy related projects, proving how sustainable a non-renewable source can be and vice versa. Lastly, it will prove ways in which different people’s misconceptions can affect further progress with these energy related projects.
A number of suitable definitions of sustainable energy run through this essay. Sustainable Energy has been defined as; ‘A living harmony between the equitable availability of energy services to all people and the preservation of the earth for future generations’(Tester, Drake, Driscoll, Golay, & Peters, 2005). This from my own point of view is the most accurate definition by far. Pointedly, it is in contrast with a number of definitions; for example this one by Denzil Walton stating that; Sustainable energy is regarded as the system of producing, transporting, distributing and consuming energy in a way that promotes a reduction in the rate of consumption of non-renewable resources which lead to environmental degradation while providing at socially

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