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Conserve Energy Future: Excessive Usage of Non-Renewable Sources of Energy Deteriorates the Scope for Future Energy Resources Syed Rehanuddin Quadri LS-608-EV: Professional Writing & Research Professor Cynthia October 18, 2014 Abstract Nowadays, the world is suffering from various crises like ebola to polar vortex but the problem of global warming and extinction of various resources are persistent from decades. The evolution of these problems is due to excessive usage or dependence of humans on the Non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels. Time and again, many scientists have worked hard to utilize the renewable sources of energy like solar energy, but less energy efficiency and other factors forced humans…show more content…
Finally, these energy sources have very negative affect on the environment when they are mined or consumed. (Tim Clifford, 2008) Importance of Non-renewable Energy Sources Before discussing about the disadvantages of non-renewable sources of energy let’s look on some important uses of them. According to Richards (as cited in Fossil Fuels, 2004), fossil fuels are the most common fuels used from a long time since they were discovered. Everything that involves transportation is utilizing fossils fuels in some or the other way. Coal, the other most common form of non-renewable energy source is used to produce electricity. Moreover coal is also used to refine metals. Natural gas, which is the result of decomposing plants and animals, is mainly used in home for cooking. Nuclear fuels also come under non-renewable sources but they are cleanest of all of them. They are used when large amount of energy has to be extracted. Coal, oil and natural gas, which come under natural resources, took millions of years to form. Therefore, it is impossible to replace them once we consume them. The main energy sources used by humans are non-renewable; renewable resources, such as solar, tidal, wind, and geothermal power, have so far been less exploited. Fossil fuels are the most important components of non-renewable sources of energy energy. They generate a very appreciable amount of
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