Renewable Sources Of Solar Energy

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In the past decades, there has been an important argument regarding energy and its sources. Energy resources are classified into two groups: renewable and non-renewable. Although renewable sources have not yet been exploited to their maximum, their use has been increasing since the 1960’s. The main renewable energy sources are Wind, Geothermal, and Solar energy. Contrary to renewable sources, non-renewable sources lead in the production of electricity and other forms of energy. For non-renewable sources, Fossil fuel and Coal are the main producers of energy in many parts of the world, followed by the Nuclear energy that has increased in its used and production in the past decades. Solar and nuclear energy are possible suitors in the task…show more content…
The safety regulations for the solar industry are mostly concentrated in the materials used for the production of PV cells. The greatest danger during the job itself is an employee falling from the PV cell platform(roof) during installation or maintenance. Regarding the fabrication, some compounds used may be harmful to the people or the environment if not wasted properly. An example is Tin Oxide (Sno2) which is known to be a water and soil contaminant. With respect to the environment, solar panels are considered friendly. These cells do not contaminate or pollute its surrounding, making them desirable when trying to reach a balance between nature and energy production in a specific location.
Despite the fact that solar energy harvesting has been possible for decades, its use did not increase in the way it was expected. One of the main reasons behind the slow growth of solar energy harvesting is the economy surrounding it. The cost of photovoltaic cells has decreased significantly over the years, mainly due to improvements for mass production purposes, yet it has not proven to be affordable. In comparison with hydrocarbon energy, solar energy’s cost is still high. Regardless its high cost, the solar industry produces positive economic impacts. Opposing to the decrement in job vacancies in the coal industry, solar industry increases job positions yearly. In
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