Renewable Sources of Energy: Green Power

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Debate Assignment Introduction Green power or green energy is the electricity which is produced from renewable sources and such renewable sources must be non-polluting. Earth has a self-cleansing mechanism capability which cleans or recover the environment naturally upto a limit, so pollution within that limit can be termed green. “The electricity produced from solar, wind, biogas, geothermal and low-impact small hydroelectric sources are referred to as green power or green energy as defined by U.S. EPA.” Many Consumers purchase green power to avoid harmful environmental impacts and also to benefit the environment by greenhouse gas reduction. [1] Nuclear Power: The first nuclear power station was opened on large scale in England in the year 1956. Uranium and its isotopes were used to generate nuclear power. In many parts of the world, uranium was extracted to generate Nuclear Power and which supplies about 11% energy needs of the world currently. A large amount of energy was produced from very little quantity of fuel and also no pollution was generated like fossil fuels. [2] There was a chain reaction inside a nuclear reactor to produce heat otherwise the working of nuclear power stations and fossil fuel-burning stations were same. Nuclear power worked on the process of nuclear fission in which collision of neutrons produce energy in form of heat. As a fuel Uranium rods were used in a nuclear reactor. As heat was released from the nuclear power station, carbon dioxide or
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